Nothing Has Meaning … Till You Say It Do

Nothing Has Meaning … Till You Say It Does

We’ve all either seen, experienced or heard of someone who made the proverbial mountain out of a molehill. The consequences can vary anywhere from entertaining, to frustrating, even tragic. The everyday tragedy, though, is that so many people continue to assess a negative perception on life’s circumstances when they could just as easily do the opposite.

One of the most important spiritual laws of money, success and happiness is positive focus while also understanding that we live in a universe of duality—up/down; light/dark; black/white; right/left; in and out. You can’t have a back without there being a front. Yin cannot exist without Yang.

That duality is always going to be in everything, no matter what. You’re not going to get some good into your life without there being a downside, and vice versa. So what do we do? It’s our choice. If you see the negative side of things because that’s what you choose to look at, then all that exists for you at that time will be what?

You see the positive side, though, and what will exist for you? You and I know none of this is new, but how many people actually live this way? We get sucked into the mind Frick and we get into a habit of seeing things on the negative side, and we think that that’s what is. That’s the hilarious part. We think that what we see is reality. No! It’s your reality! You just made it your reality. Nothing has meaning until we give it meaning.

The sound is not loud, and it’s not quiet. It is vibrations going out. That’s it. You paint the picture. ‘It’s loud for me.’ For you; sure! You make it anything you want. It’s nothing until you make it something. You’re going to decide. You color things light, and then they’re light. You color them dark, they become dark. They aren’t anything. You make them something.

So what would you like to start coloring things? Light! Positive! What if it turns out to be a disaster? What do you do? You realize it’s not a disaster. It’s a nothing. It’s a neutral. You get to say, “I am going to color it that after this ‘disaster’ something good might happen.”

You’re the one in charge up here. Your thoughts aren’t anything. They’re just flickers of energy and they mean nothing until you let them mean something. You have to have empowering thoughts.

Now let’s get something straight … we know that it’s impossible to never have negative thoughts, right or right? Are we going to let that stuff live inside us? Of course we will. It’s going to happen, but the question is how long will you stay stuck in them?

What determines that? Your habits! That’s all it is. Change your habit by practicing positive focus. You practice and you move on.

Now we want to hear from you. Can you think of a situation where a pattern of negative focus cost you something? What was the specific lesson you took away from that? What practices did you implement to start cultivating a pattern of positive focus?

Isn’t this article awesome? I think it is!

Have a lovely lovely life ahead! Keep practicing and keep moving on with FOCUS!

Sasya Emzee


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